Pokémon Best Wishes 2: Episode N! [ENG]

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Hey minna!

Today was released a new trailer for a very special episode of Best Wishes 2! The episode is entitled EPisode N, and will be aired on Tokyo Television at 7 pm JST [Japan Time] on 17th January, 2013!

Here's the description!

“The long-awaited chapter, ‘Best Wishes Series 2: Episode N’ starts at last. 

Having finished the Unova League Higaki Conference, Ash and friends start a new journey aimed at the legendary Pokemon, Reshiram’s location discovered by Professor Juniper’s father: White Ruins.

There they come across a mysterious young man, N, who can hear the voice’s of Pokemon. 

Furthermore, Ash and friends get dragged into a dubious experiment of Team Plasma involving the use of Pokemon. The enigmatic researcher, Colress has Pikachu and Axew in his hands; them both baring their teeth at Ash and friends!? 

Team Plasma is searching for N, however, what is Team Plasma’s Commander, Ghetsis ambition!?


Those 3 Team Rocket Members enter the Unova Region!! 

What is the battle strategy Team Rocket are executing in confronting with Team Plasma!?

The gates before the reality of a Human and Pokemon Utopia are now being opened!

There hasn’t been a battle of overwhelming and unprecedented scale, nor such a fast paced story until now!

It is absolutely not to be missed!”

Sounds really cool!

Mata Ne! ^^

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