Movie plot for: "Extreme Speed Genesect"!

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"Ash, Pikachu and friends visit the metropolis New Tork City.

In the middle of the city, Pokemon Hills, a residental area exclusively for Pokemon, and intended to provide them protection and shelter, is just about nearing completion.


Suddenly, a red Pokémon shows up in Pokémon Hills.

It's name is Genesect.

They are Pokémon the Plasma Gang revived from a 3 million year old fossil in order to use as a weapon.

They have been separated from their former homes, and perceive everyone they see as enemies.

Turning towards Ash and the others, they fire Techno Blasts from the cannons on their backs at them.

...but just then, someone blocks the attack and saves the group:
Amazingly, it's the legendary Pokémon Mewtwo.

"These are Pokémon never meant to live in this world... just like I am."

Understanding Genesect's grief, Mewtwo confronts them.

The two clash together in a massive fight, which tremendous shockwaves shoot through the entire city.

And as the battle surpasses the limits of both Pokémon, it develops into the greatest speed battle ever seen!

Can Ash and Pikachu, who are caught in the middle of all this, save the Pokémon of Pokémon Hills!? 

This summer, Mewtwo's awakening begins!"

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