Novos scans de Pokémon XY&Z/Mega Evolution Special Act IV

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Bom dia treinadores!
Parece que as novidades ainda não acabaram, desta vez foi outra revista japonesa a revelar informações!

"Battles and catches! Four enormous TV anime scoops!!

We have a massive presentation of new stories and major news that will surprise anyone and everyone!!

Scoop 1: The birth of Serena's new partner!?
Scoop 2: Ash challenges the Anistar Gym!!
Scoop 3: The climax of the Strongest Mega Evolution series!!
Scoop 4: A super astonishing detailed look at the new series' mysteries!!"

XY89: "Eevee is Shy with Strangers! The Catcher in the Flowers!!"
XY90: "A Tag Battle is a Friendship Battle! Eevee Fights for the First Time!!"
XY91: "The Happy Dance Comes After a Quiz!? The Anistar Tripokalon Tournament!!"
"SCOOP 1: 2 pieces of Serena news! The birth of a new partner!? & Participation in a Tripokalon!!
Serena meets her third partner!? She also challenges a Tripokalon!!

An Eevee that loves dancing, but which is super timid, has been spotted!!
Serena and the others have found an Eevee that dances beautiful steps. But the instant it noticed them, the Eevee ran off to hide!
It has an amazing feel for dancing!!

Eevee: A Pokémon that can evolve into 8 different forms depending on how the Trainer raises it!

Will Serena get through to the Eevee!?
It appears the Eevee Serena found has a very timid personality. If only Serena could get a chance to befriend it...
Serena: I hope I can make friends with Eevee!

Serena, Braixen and Pancham's glittering performance!

Serena challenges a Tripokalon for the 3rd time!
Serena, who aims for the top position of Pokémon Performers, Kalos Queen, enters a Tripokalon! She aims for victory with the new performance she's practiced during her journey!!

What is a Tripokalon?
A Tripokalon is a competition where Pokémon and partners form a team and compete in terms of beauty. They are extremely popular performances in the Kalos region!
Aim for Kalos Queen!

Pokémon Quiz:
In this Tripokalon, you compete in a quiz about Pokémon knowledge. Check the answers during the episode!
1: Which of Eevee's evolved forms is a Fairy type?
2: Gloom has two evolved forms, Bellossom and which other?"

XY92: "A Kalos Crisis! Battle of the Giant Sundial!!"
XY093: "Double Battle at the Anistar Gym! Olympia's Future Sight!!"
"SCOOP 2: She can see anyones future!? Challenging the Anistar Gym!!

Ash challenges the Anistar Gym for the 7th badge! His opponent is Olympia, who is said to have the power to predict the future. If she can see through any strategy... Ash is in real trouble!?

Olympia: The Gym Leader of Anistar Gym. She has a mysterious air to her, as if she can predict absolutely everything.

She uses the "Future Sight", which deals damage a while after being used!

Does Olympia even know where Ash's journey will take him next...!?

She uses the Psychic type move "Helping Hand" to increase the power of "Future Sight"!

Ash: What should we do!?"

Mega Evolution Special Act IV
"SCOOP 3: The climax of the Strongest Mega Evolution series!!

It's finally time for the climax of the "Strongest Mega Evolution" series that depicts the adventure of the super skilled Trainer Alan! First, let's look back at the story so far!!

The story of Alan, who aims to become the strongest Mega Evolution Trainer!!

Alan has fought many intense battles alongside his partner Mega Charizard X! All his opponents have been formidable wielders of the power of Mega Evolution as well!!

Alan: He travels the world, aiming to become the strongest Trainer. Proessor Sycamore's assistant.
Mega Charizard X: Has been Alan's partner since it was a Charmander and has grown alongside him!

A confrontation with Siebold, one of the members of the Kalos region's Elite Four!
Elite Four Siebold's power is second only to the Champion. He defeated Alan's Mega Charizard X with his Mega Blastoise.

An encounter with the Hoenn region's champion, Steven!
Alan went to the Hoenn region in search of information on legendary Pokémon. He learned about the legendary Pokémon's awakening from Steven, whom he met through a attle.

Steven is the champion of the Hoenn region. His partner is an alternate-colored Metagross!
Manon is a young female Trainer who practically forced herself on Alan after being fascinated by his strength. Her partner is a Chespin.
Lysandre is a mysterious director who researches Mega Evolution. He ordered Alan to investigate the Hoenn region.

An amazing battle against legendary Pokemon!!
Legendary Pokémon appeared one after another in the Hoenn region! Alan and Steven somehow managed to keep the battle between the legendary trio in check. However, there are still huge mysteries regarding Mega Evolution left to see...

Primal Groudon is a legendary Pokemon said to have created to land above sea!
Primal Kyogre is a legendary Pokemon said to have expanded the seas all over the world.
Mega Rayquaza is a legendary Pokemon living high in the sky that's said to have stopped Groudon and Kyogre's fight long ago.

Alan's battles continue on from here!!
What awaits Alan now that he's made his way through all these countless battles...!?

Alan pursues further power!! He has 10 battles in a row!!
Having returned to the Kalos region, Alan tries his hand on 10 battles in a row against Mega evolved Pokémon in orde to sharpen their skills even further! Alan aims to become "The Strongest", but how will these battles go!?

One of the opponents Lysandre has selected for Alan is, incredibly, Malva from the Elite Four!

Malva: Just like Siebold, she's one of the Kalos region's Elite Four. She's the strongest opponent in these 10 battles
Malva's partner, Mega Houndoom: It's Dark/Fire type and uses "Crunch", "Flamethrower" and the like!

"I want to become strong so that I can protect that which means much to me!!"
To e stronger than everyone else: Alan fights in pursuit of even greater power so that he can protect his loved ones!!"

XY&Z01: The Explosive Birth of Z! What Lies Hidden in Kalos!!

"SCOOP 4: A new adventure starts! We take a closer look at 3 mysteries!

The "Pocket Monsters XY&Z" poster on page 5 and 6 shows never-before-seen Pokémon as well as secrets the upcoming story hides... We will present three points of particular interest!!

Point 1: Mega Evolution Trainer Alan appears!?
This is Alan, master of the power of Mega Evolution! Is he going to eventually battle Ash...?
Alan and Ash are both currently traveling through the Kalos region. When are they going to meet!?

Point 2: A mysterious new Pokémon!?
Just what is this Pokémon that resembles Greninja...!?

Point 3:The legendary Pokemon Zygarde has other forms!?
Zygarde is a legendary Pokemon in the Kalos region. We now know that it has other forms in addition to the one we already knew of! With Zygarde Core acting as the core, it can power up to the 10%, 50% and Perfect Formes by gathering lots of Zygarde Cells!!

Bonnie happens to stumble over Zygarde Core. Is this... really a Pokemon!?

The mysterious organization Team Flare appears as well!!
A group of men surround Zygarde, which lies hidden deep underground. What is the goal of this organization calling themselves Team Flare!?

It appears Team Flare have captured Zygarde Core as well."

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