Pokémon XY&Z - Preview da Kalos League

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Bom dia treinadores.

Ao contrário do habitual, esta rubrica não será sobre um episódio mas sim sobre os próximos acontecimentos no anime Pokémon XY&Z.

Open it up! The Path to the Kalos League!!
It's finally perfected! Ash Greninja!!
When Ash and Greninja's emotions become one during battle, Greninja's form changes, making it power up! They've finally become able to use this ability as they want!!
Their hearts became one!
While attempting to save the Spewpa from trouble, the two's hearts became one! This was the perfection of Ash Greninja!!
The Kalos League, which has always been Ash's goal, now finally lies before his eyes! He breaks into a dash towards it together with his friends!!
Ash has become Greninja!? When the two of them synchronize, their movements become completely identical!
"Truly one in body and soul!"
A hard wall of ice!
Wulfric's Abomasnow mega evolves! Will Ash and his Pokémon be knocked back once again!?
Challenging the Snowbelle Gym Once Again!!
During his first attempt at the Gym, Ash was unable to battle the way he wanted. Having now perfectly prepared himself, he once again challenges the Gym! Believing in his partners' strength, he goes into battle!!
Get a Hold of the 8th Badge!!
This is the battle that will determine whether or not Ash gets to challenge the Kalos League! If he doesn't win here, he can't continue on!!
Isto será já no próximo episódio a estrear no Japão: Ash-Greninja VS Mega Abomasnow! The Giant Water Shuriken Triggers!!

Super powerful opponents appear one after another at the Kalos League!
The Kalos League, where people battle powerful opponents that have all won their way through 8 Gyms, now begins! Who will Ash's opponents be!? Who will his rivals be!? Let us present the battles worth paying attention to!
We'll attack them with all our might!!
Se estão a pensar no mesmo que eu, não aquele Mega Charizard Y não é do Ash, mas sim do Trevor! Será explicado nas próximas páginas.

A massive gathering of Mega evolved Pokémon!!
Mega Evolution is a mysterious force only the exceptional people that are emotionally connected to their Pokémon can use! The battles fought by the competitors that have mastered this power... are likely to be enormously fierce!!
A clash between two Mega Charizard!!
In the first round of the tournament, two Charizard appear. Both of them can mega evolve, turning this into a showdown between X and Y! Which of them will win this overly heated fire battle!?
Mega Charizard Y
Charizard's mega evolution. Its Ability is "Drought", so the power of its Fire type moves is increased!
Mega Charizard X
Alan's partner Charizard mega evolves into Mega Charizard X! He is one of Ash's rivals.
Shota's Sceptile mega evolves as well!!
Shota gathered 8 badges before Ash, and won against him in battle once as well. His partner Sceptile is now able to mega evolve as well!
There are other mega evolved Pokémon as well!!
There are other competitors with mega evolved Pokémon in addition to Alan and Shota! Which of them will Ash go up against...?
Mega Absol: Its speed and attack power serve as its weapons! Ayaka's partner!
Mega Garchomp: The partner of Louis, who also battled Alan once.
Regressam os os treinadores do Mega Evolution Special Act I!

(Close up do placar onde estão as fotos do Alan VS Trevor)

Aim for league victory!
"I will definitely win my way through!!"
What is Ash's strategies!?
No matter who he battles, Ash always has a firm attitude! As always, he pushes forward with all his might! His strategies for winning the league are none other than these:
Strategy 1: Ash Greninja guarantees victory!!
Ash Greninja can easily pin down the opponent, the limit of its super power being not yet known! Are there really no Pokémon out there that that win against it!?
The giant "Water Shuriken" on its back roars for action!
Strategy 2: His 6th partner arrives!!
As Ash wins his way through the Kalos League, he reaches the point where he has to fight a 6-on-6 full battle. Ash currently has 5 Pokémon on hand. By adding one more Pokémon, his ultimate team is complete!
Take note of this episode as well!
Pikachu and the others end up getting separated from Ash and his friends inside a Trick House.
And then the ingenious trick devices inside the house puts them in tons of trouble!?
Confirmado o regresso de Goodra como o sexto Pokémon de Ash?
É que um dos próximos episódios antes da liga chama-se Find Carbink! Goodra and Dedenne!!
On their way to Lumiose City, Ash and his friends decide to stop by the wetlands where Goodra lives. Ash and the others are delighted at seeing Goodra again, but then trouble suddenly arrives!   Incredibly, a single Carbink appears to be going on a rampage in the wetlands. Ash and his friends attempt to stop the Carbink together with Goodra and the wetland Pokémon, but then Team Rocket show up.

É tudo por agora.
Apontem já nos calendários; a liga de Kalos começa dia 30 de Junho no Japão!

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